Eco Team

February 2022

The Climate Emergency Toolkit has been produced by a coalition of organisations, activists and church leaders with emails and data managed by Tearfund. Explore the Toolkit but don't miss the blog where our own Fairtrade Team, along with others, talk about their involvement in 'Choose the World You Want'.

November 2021

Congratulations to Gill who was awarded a Gold Litter Picker Award from Perth & Kinross Council. The final litter pick for this year will be on Saturday 4 December. Pick up litter pickers, bags etc from 9.30am at the church. 

September 2021

Creation Season

Harvesting plums from the church garden tree to be made into jam for Kinross Centre members.


August 2021

Having been encouraged to dust off our bikes and "Bike the Bounds", Saturday 28th saw a beautiful, sunny day to enjoy a leisurely cycle round the boundary of the Parish including a welcome stop for coffee and cake chez McFarlane. Read here how the day went.



June 2021

Read the latest article from the Eco-Group in the June - August edition of Kin-nections (page 6) including how to recycle empty medicine packets. Check here which packets are recyclable.


See the latest post from Eco-Congregation Scotland about the Scottish Churches COP26 Pledge here.


Eco-Congregation: Take action in our lives!

In November, the Eco-Team organised a litter pick around Kinross and a few groups took part, collecting over 30 bags of litter. Another litter pick is planned for early 2021.

In November 2021, the UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow. Why is this important to Kinross Parish Church and the wider Kinross community? Globally, household consumption accounts for about 72% of greenhouse gas emissions. The need for major changes in household consumption is even more pressing in countries like the UK, and this applies equally to Kinross.

Up to now, behaviour change and societal change around lifestyles and consumption have played a relatively minor role in meeting UK emissions reduction targets. However, to reduce our carbon footprint we will all need to make significant changes to allow us to reach zero carbon in Kinross.

In the home

If you have a loft, check the insulation. Is it 270mm thick? Fitting this amount of insulation could save up to £150 a year on heating bills.

On the move

Can you find an alternative to using a car or share a journey for some of your trips? An average car commuter drives 12 miles a day and reducing this by half could save 400kg CO2 a year or 170 litres of fuel.

Out shopping

Producing, processing, and transporting food may be responsible for up to a third of our carbon footprint, yet the average UK house spends £420 a year on food that could be eaten but is thrown away. How do you manage your food shopping?

These are just a few ideas that could help to reduce our greenhouse gases. Let’s all take action in our lives!

(This article by Jim Smith also appears in our March - May Kin-nections Magazine)