In the Church of Scotland, money given is spent to support: 

  • paying the Minister 
  • meeting the church’s running costs 
  • supporting the wider work of the Church of Scotland home and abroad 
  • outreach and charity 

Christian stewardship is a way of living in which we recognise that everything belongs to God. We are stewards of all that God has given us. Your giving allows us to continue to grow God’s gifts. 

If you wish to make a one-off donation, please visit our page at

Giving regularly is the best way to support your church. Here is how you can give regularly: 

If you wish to give monthly, you can either create a bank standing order yourself if you use online banking, or download a bank standing order form here for posting to your bank so that the bank can transfer money from you. This is easier than having to remember to bring money each week to church. 

If you wish to give weekly, please ask for a supply of weekly offering envelopes which you can put in the offering bag when you come to church. 

Can you Gift Aid your contribution? If you can, this allows us to claim back from the government 25p for every £1 that you give to the church. To gift aid your donation you must be a UK taxpayer (income tax or capital gains tax) and have filled in a gift aid declaration and returned it to our treasurer via the church office. Download a gift aid declaration here

(7 September 2020) It has been agreed that provision can now be made for members who make their contribution to the work of the Church via WFO. WFO envelopes can now be received in 2 ways :

1. At the Midweek Service on Wednesdays mornings at 10.30am. When entering the Church by the main entrance envelopes can be placed in the offering basket located in the vestibule.

2. For those who are unable to attend the midweek service, home collection of WFO envelopes will be available.   Please contact the Church Office on 01577 862570 and leave a message, if you wish to use this service.