Our Teams

The work of the Kirk Session is taken forward under the Unitary Constitution by the Kirk Session Council which consists of eight working groups – usually, but not necessarily, headed by an elder.  

The leaders of the eight teams, along with the Minister and Session Clerk, meet together as the Kirk Session Council, reporting to the Kirk Session, working collaboratively, sharing information & developments. 

Below is a brief description of each group. Please speak to/email the Session Clerk or contact the church office if you would like to discuss possibly contributing to the work of a group. 


Administration & Communication Group 

Convener: Alice Getley

Members: Alison Brown, Margaret Clark, Gordon McFarlane, Diane Taylor, Maureen Taylor


  • offer administrative support to the Minister, office bearers and congregation 
  • oversee the work of the church office coordinator and office volunteers  
  • coordinate safe and effective work across all Kinross Parish Church communication activities including Kin-nections (church magazine), social media platforms including website and with the press 
  • advise and disseminate administrative and communication guidance from the Church of Scotland and other relevant organisations  
Discipleship Group 

Convener:  tbc



  • provide a caring environment to discover and develop our gifts and abilities
  • encourage one another to become effective disciples of Jesus, in our service in church and community
  • engage with all ages in lifelong learning, providing opportunities and practical resources
  • to Live the Life



Finance Group

ConvenerBrian Timms          Treasurer: Alan McGhie

Members: Margaret Clark, Alice Getley, George Hayton, Jim Marshall, Rev Alan Reid, Robin Webster 


  • exercise oversight and governance of the church’s finances and assets 
  • ensure accurate and transparent financial records are maintained in line with the Church of Scotland and OSCR regulations and best practice 
  • work collaboratively, engaging with other working groups and the congregation, to support and encourage good stewardship of money 


Growing Young

Based on contemporary research by the Fuller Youth Institute, Growing Young offers "6 essential strategies any church can use to involve and retain teenagers and young adults" to the benefit of the whole church. This involves asking ourselves hard questions, looking honestly at how and why we do things the way we do.  A  steering group will be taking this exciting (and challenging) initiative forward.

Outreach Group 

ConvenerBrenda Fraser 

Members: Esther Blackburn, Ewan Cathcart, Myra Cathcart, Rev Margaret Michie, Jane Robertson, Ruth Robertson, Tina Shepherd, Alisdair Stewart, Sandra Stewart, Rev Alan Reid (ex-officio), Jaffrey Weir (ex-officio)


  • provide opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to discover the Christian faith 
  • engage the members in taking the Good News of God’s love to the members, the community and the wider world 


Pastoral Group 

Convener: Robert Mitchell 

Members: Gill Boardman, Margaret Graham, George Paterson, Kathleen Weir, Norman White


  • organise and oversee the provision of pastoral support (spiritual and/or practical) for members, adherents and to those in the wider community as appropriate by a team of Pastoral Elders and volunteer visitors  
  • oversee the work of the Visitors and Bereavement Teams, liaising with the Minister and other teams 
  • assist in co-ordinating the delivery of practical support (eg food tidings, flowers) 
  • explore the need for developing and expanding pastoral support (eg transport, telephone befriending) 
Property Group

ConvenerStuart Neave 

Church Management: Gordon McFarlane, Robert Mitchell, Gordon Paterson, John Webster, Ken Wilkie  

Halls Management: Robert Burns, Jean Erskine, Alice Getley, Jim Henry, Jim Smith


  • maintain and develop church property assets ie church building, Church Centre, manse and grounds 
  • ensure that premises are safe, available and well-maintained to carry out the aims of Kinross Parish Church and its users 
  • as an eco-congregation encourage all to reflect and develop this philosophy and approach  
  • maintain statutory requirements 

We are always keen to know about anyone with practical skills for maintenance tasks such as gardening and fixing. If you can help in any way (even on a one-off or occasional basis) we’d love to hear from you.  


Worship Group

Convener: Rev Alan Reid 

Members: Lynn Caldwell, Alex Cant, Brenda Frier, Irene McFarlane, Rob Packham, Isobel Watt


  • support the Minister in the planning of worship and worship styles for Sunday services, services during the week and in the community 
  • encourage and develop prayer among individuals, groups and as a congregation, giving opportunity for differing styles of prayer times 
  • facilitate the use of gifts in worship (eg musicians, choir, AV,  mics, welcome teams, readers) 
  • promote awareness of and develop means of access to worship for those with additional needs and those who are not able to be with us in person