The Church has often been associated with life celebrations, and the Church of Scotland (as the National Church) seeks to offer opportunities to mark these not only to those who are involved in the life of the local church but also to the wider community. 

Ministers are licensed by the state to conduct marriages and the Church is glad to offer this service not only to those who are involved in the life of the Church but also to any who live within the parish. It should be noted that marriage in church is subject to the terms of the Marriage Act (Scotland) and that couples must apply to the local Registrar to complete the necessary process a clear 28 days before the intended marriage.  

Marriage is a worldwide institution. People of every religion and of none appreciate the value of stable, committed relationships between men and women which are recognised publicly. The Christian view of marriage has much in common with what many other people think, but the Bible and Christian teaching also have a number of distinctive and challenging things to say about the marriage relationship. If you are interested in exploring this further or if you are already sure that you want to celebrate your marriage in church, please make contact and the minister will arrange to meet with you. 

It is also possible to hold a service of blessing for a husband and wife who have been married in a civil ceremony or to have a service in which marriage vows are renewed, perhaps at the time of a significant anniversary.