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Latest: In-person worship resumes for Midweek & Sunday Services

Sunday 10.30am service continues to be livestreamed as usual on YouTube, Facebook or Zoom

Rev Kathy Dain unanimously elected as Minister for The Shore Kirk, Argyll - congratulations!

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Traidcraft Exchange April Challenge

Christian Aid Week information (10 - 16 May)


Wed 21st Apr...

10:30am Midweek Worship

Wed 21st Apr...

12:00pm Midweek Prayers Online

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1:30pm Virtual Craft Group

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A message from Rev Alan D Reid

As parish minister, it is my very great pleasure to extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of the elders and members. 

Kinross Parish Church is a congregation of the Church of Scotland made up of people from the local community, people of all ages and from a wide variety of backgrounds.  We are committed to serving our parish in practical ways as we seek to bear witness to the Good News about Jesus Christ which inspires us.  The first Christians were called 'Followers of the Way' and above all we seek to be true to the One who is our Saviour and our Lord.

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Christ is Risen, Hallelujah!

Church Life

IF CONTACTING THE CHURCH OFFICE ON 01577 862570 please wait for 15 rings for the answerphone to click in. We are trying to resolve this, but thank you for your patience.

The regular pattern of our church life has been interrupted by Covid-19 but we are still worshipping, praying, sharing fellowship and spreading the Good News, albeit in different ways. 

Much of the information on the pages reflects the life of our congregation "pre-Covid"; however there is plenty up-to-date information to be found too. Perhaps a first stop would be to use the 'Latest News' Quicklink below or the 'News' tab at the top of this page both of which will lead you to our notices, weekly intimations, calendar and Kin-nections magazine to see all that is happening right now. Then go on and explore the other pages - there's a lot still going on to read about or be involved in!

Use our dial-in service on 01577 528270 to listen to the Sunday Service or the daily prayer (option 2).

The Wednesday Midweek Service (10.30am) is now in-person worship only and no longer being broadcast. Book a place.

Wake Up, Warm Up, Worship resumes again Sunday 18 April at 10am. If you would like to get involved, please let Eleanor or Flora know or contact the Church Office

The church office is still open and contactable through the usual channels (although operating remotely during the pandemic) for all online details and information. Our Facebook page also has up-to-the-minute information.


Audio Replay

Why Are You Alarmed?
 18 Apr, 2021  Luke 24: v36-48

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18 Apr 2021

Prayer Request

We believe in the God who hears and answers prayer. If you have a specific prayer request, please click below....