World News - Ukraine

10 Nov 2022

Updated November 2022

Rev Alan received news in October from The Great Church Debrecen, our partners in Hungary. Kinross Parish Church is helping them support the shelter house project in Csongor, Ukraine.

“It is a hard year for everyone. Just a short report. In Csongor, the Housing project is in process. I keep contact with Rev. Pocsai Sándor. He will come next week to Debrecen and I will have more information. We have more and more refugees in Debrecen, but they do not live in camps. They hire houses or buy houses for themselves, and as we see, they do not want to return to Ukraine. They try to make their living here. Some of them visit church services. God bless you all!”


Ukraine - Our General Assembly in May condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine and called for ‘an immediate ceasefire and a just and peaceful solution’.

Our partner church in Debrecen, Hungary, and the church in Csongor, Ukraine to which we recently sent money from our reserves, continue to help people affected.

From Istvàn, The Great Church, Debrecen: “Thank you for your prayer and offering. Last week we were at the border of Ukraine. We travelled with two vans full of water, chocolates, snacks
and meals. We saw many people there, especially students from India and Nigeria and some Ukrainian mothers with their children. This was very hard. We shared chocolate and meals in cans and water. . . We never ever thought a war would happen in our neighborhood.”

From the minister at Csongor in Ukraine: “Many people left the village, elderly people stayed. We try to care for them. And many people arrive every day. We supply accommodation for them, some stay for one night, some stay longer, especially children with mothers. And the refugees do not know what to do. Move further, leaving the country, or staying?”

In Kinross we have made the church available on Saturdays as a café to allow the Ukrainians who have arrived here to meet up with one another and share news of home. The host families

have been able to swap information including negotiating with government agencies to ensure all paperwork is in place. Google Translate has proved invaluable for the warm conversations that take place.

If you wish to continue to support our longer- term work in Ukraine, make a donation, marked ‘Ukraine’, through the church website’s Giving page or bring an envelope to church.