Tearfund Reboot Campaign

18 Oct 2020

Over the last few months, the pandemic has disrupted the entire world and affected all of us. The climate crisis threatens even greater disruption. And it’s the poorest communities across the world who are already being hit the hardest.

‘We used to get rain every four to five months, and the area was very fertile and green,’ says Orbisa, a 35- year-old mother in Ethiopia. ‘But it hasn’t rained for six months and I don’t know when it will rain next. I feel worried whenever I think about the future.’

Now, because of the changing climate, Orbisa and her children don’t have enough water to survive. She walks up to ten hours a day, every day, to find water for her family to drink.

Around the world, millions of people like Orbisa are being pushed back into poverty by climate change. But we can speak up about this injustice.

Alongside The Climate Coalition, Tearfund is calling on the UK government to lead the world towards a healthier, greener and fairer future. Please consider signing the declaration too – together, we can be a powerful voice and help create a better world for us all.

Please continue to pray for a breakthrough in the climate crisis, and for protection for those most affected by it.