Prayer Points for Week Commencing 12 May 2024

11 May 2024

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Prayer Points for the week commencing Sunday 12 May 2024

Sunday 12th May: As part of the global focus 'Thy Kingdom Come,' name five people before God and ask that they may come to know the reality of God in Jesus Christ.

Monday 13th: Continue to pray for the situation in Israel & Palestine and in Ukraine that the peace of God may bring deep transformation and reconciliation.

Tuesday 14th: Consider taking a walk near your home today, praying for your neighbours and asking God's blessing on our community.

Wednesday 15th: Pray for the joint vision group made up of elders from Kinross and Orwell & Portmoak as they meet this evening, that God's leading may be discerned.

Thursday 16th: Give thanks today for some situation in which you can see God's hand at work at this time.

Friday 17th: Remember before God those who suffer because of their faith not only in far-off places but even in our own country.

Saturday 18th: Pray for the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland which opens today. Pray for Shaw Paterson as he is installed as Moderator and pray for all commissioners, including Gordon McFarlane and Alan Reid, that they may be inspired by God's Spirit in all the discussions and decisions of the coming week.