News from the Great Church, Debrecen, Hungary - our partner church

19 Jun 2020

Since the Covid-19 pandemic the Great Church has tried to find new ways to keep connected as we can not meet personally. For a few years now we have been using online platforms to reach out to members who could not come to our worship services because of sickness or distance. Little did I know that it would become the only way to spread God's Word. Nor did I believe that I would preach in a church without a congregation.

Worship is a live relationship between God and people of the Church. We really miss our community, but we still worship God on Sundays. As a Minister it is important to preach for the people who are there. During the worship I always watch the faces of the congregation to feel that they understand what message I want to give them. For Ministers this situation is hard as we do not get feedback directly. But we trust that God's Holy Spirit is available where people love Him. This can happen at home too. We believe that the Holy Spirit conects us with people, who watch the worship online, on television or listen on the radio. This brings us together as a community.

After the worship we make a short 2–3 minute video message from our Ministers, called “Daily Soul Strengthening”, and put these on Facebook and our website. We are doing Bible studies for our members, religious studies for students and confirmation classes online. We are also calling our members to ask how they are or if they need help collecting food or medicine.

I'd like to finish with a message to Kinross Parish Church. I trust in God and I believe we will organise the Scottish camp again. We can pray for each other. I think that the Holy Spirit connects us and He has the power to remove the distance we face. The heart of the Gospel is that we have the salvation to control our attention to the future and nothing can take that mighty gift from us.

- Oláh István

VezetÅ‘ lelkipásztor (Leading Minister)