Minister’s Message 2 April 2022

02 Apr 2022

Dear Friends,

Most of you will have heard the First Minister's announcement that the legal requirement to wear a face covering when attending worship will be lifted with effect from this coming Monday (4th April), although it should be emphasised that the government “strongly encourages the use of protective measures to reduce risk, including wearing face coverings where appropriate, to help keep each other safe.”

For every person in our church who is longing for the day they can remove their face mask at worship there is another person who is dreading that day and I would simply ask you all to be respectful of whatever decision others make on this matter. For the record, I personally will continue to wear my mask when I am in contact with people in a closed space like the church so as not to put anyone at risk should I inadvertently be carrying the coronavirus or indeed any other cough, cold or infection. Hand sanitiser will continue to be available at church and we will continue to discourage hand-shakes and close contact.

However, we are entering a time where we need to be able to build for the future and I would ask all of you to consider what steps you personally are planning to take to help us become what we need to be as a congregation to face the task ahead. A church requires us all to play our part as we are able. Of the nearly 300 whom I would not have been surprised to see in church one Sunday or another before the pandemic (sadly never all of you every week!), so far 140 have not been in church in person at all since the start of the pandemic and of those who have been back the majority have been there much less frequently, in some cases only once or twice. That means that we are still a very long way from being able to accomplish the ministry and mission that we have the vision for in our community. Do you want to see our church grow? I do.

I hope that we can develop the 'situations vacant' list over the coming weeks. To add to what I mentioned last week, we would be glad of volunteers to help with the management and maintenance of our church properties – the church building and garden, and the church centre especially – and if there are any others who would like to join the team of those who do Bible readings or lead prayers at Sunday worship, please be in touch.

Just as I am asking you to consider what steps you need to take, I would also welcome suggestions that would help us shape the pathways to the future in a way that would assist you personally to engage again.

With the assurance of my prayers for you,

Rev. A.D. Reid