KYTHE – Dynamic Christian Youthwork

19 Jun 2020

When lockdown was implemented at the end of March 2020, you could have imagined that KYTHE and its youthwork would have stopped. However, due to the benefits of technology and the ingenuity of our two youth workers, Barry and Gillian, they have been engaging with the young people of Kinross-shire on a daily basis.

There is a weekly plan with daily drop-ins via Zoom (with baking lessons on Fridays), Music Mondays on Instagram, Tune-up Tuesday on YouTube, Wingnut Wednesday and more. These have proved popular and, since the middle of March, there have been over 4,000 likes/messages/comments/chat participants over the different platforms. Please pray that this continues and grows during the restrictions and in the future as we seek to connect with more people. Whilst we hope and pray that by the time Kin-nections is published there may be more opportunities to connect with young people and see them face-to-face in the Hub by the Health Centre, we know that God is timeless and he hears our prayers.

Not only have the young people (with the youth workers) embraced the technology available, the management team and trustees have also done so. Regular monthly meetings continue via Zoom, and the planned KYTHE 2025 Strategic Review has begun. Whilst a core group will develop the 2025 strategy, short twice-weekly meetings (via Zoom and facilitated by Drew Drummond) have allowed for discussion, reflection and consideration of new ideas. God is in the meetings, and we have been of one mind, knowing that God is at our core and, while we have funding to deliver universal youth work, we will always display and maintain our Christian principles in doing so, and that God will guide our path over the next five years. The review will take several months, so please keep the planning, writing and implementation of the KYTHE 2025 Strategic review in your prayers.