Greetings from the Manse 22 November

22 Nov 2020

As you will be aware if you tried to access last Sunday's service live at 10.30 we had problems with the internet connection and also with a sound issue. The live-stream of Wednesday morning's service was also hit with a computer problem and although the audio was fine, the pictures were very juddery. The live-stream of Anna Graham's funeral to Zoom on Thursday was successful, I'm glad to say but we can give no guarantees about how today's service will go. This is stressful for all of us and we are all, of course, weary after the last nine months of trying to maintain the worship life of the congregation in challenging circumstances. I simply ask for your continued patience, and especially for your very specific prayers at this time.

In the service this week and in the weeks ahead we will be hearing a bit about Growing Young. Between now and January there will also be an opportunity for everyone who wishes to engage in a conversation about what you value about church life and what you struggle with, as we seek to discern the shape and direction of the church in the years ahead. We will be doing that in existing church groups and in one to one conversations. There is also an online consultation for which a link will be available in next week's e-mail and which we would encourage all of you who are able to complete.

I asked in last week's email and verbally during the service that you give us an indication of whether you would definitely be interested in being able to worship in church on a Sunday morning in the near future or equally if you know that you definitely would not be comfortable attending a service in person before the end of the year. Sadly only a handful of you responded and since I cannot read your minds, any decisions will be taken on the basis of actual responses. Please contact the church office or me directly before the end of this week.

With all prayerful good wishes,

Rev. A.D. Reid