30 Nov 2020


We have all well and truly been on a steep learning curve as we have had to embrace technology in a different way over the last nine months!

Social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc, along with our new church website (please have a look if you haven’t already), have taken on a new relevance for many of us. They have provided the opportunity for participating and engaging in worship, joining in prayer times as well as keeping in touch with each other and our groups.

In tackling the challenges presented by the current crisis, we have sought to use these channels in order to remain accessible and attempt to keep everyone connected.

However, we also have a duty to protect people’s online safety, ensuring nobody is identifiable and therefore vulnerable to being targeted by cyber criminals. Providing pastoral support alongside online safety is a difficult balancing act. Sadly, we have been advised that some churches and individuals have been targeted in the past and tricked out of sums of money. The impact on an individual as well as a congregation cannot be understated.

Following advice and recommendations from the Church of Scotland’s data protection officer, the Administration and Communication Team have been reviewing any personal identifying information we have used online in our uploads and broadcasts and also on our website. As a result, several adjustments to the process and content are being considered in order to minimise visible personal data – we hope you will understand.

As we continue in this new online world which offers many benefits, please be aware of the dangers, especially in the run up to ‘Black Friday’ and then Christmas.

o be alert for any suspicious looking emails – scammers are incredibly adept at putting together very convincing scams from not a lot of information.

o if in any doubt, never hit ‘reply’ on an email or use automatic redial on your phone

o if you have any concerns about the use of your own or anyone else’s personal data on any of our social media platforms, please contact Alice Getley, Convener, Admin & Comm Team

o report and forward phishing emails to Action Fraud –

Let’s be careful out there!

- Admin & Comm Team