There are many ways to meet together, large gatherings, small groups and at various times. The following are the main events.

Sunday Worship - 10.30am

Children and young people welcome: crèche during the service. Junior Church and Jampact meet at the Church Centre at 10.15am.

Communion Sunday

The first Sunday of March, June, September and December. On these Sundays there is also an informal Evening Communion Service at 6.30pm.

Sunday Evening Informal Service - 6.30pm

On the last Sunday of each month.

Wednesday (Mid-Week) Worship - 10.45am

In the Church Centre.

Occasionally we hold additional services, which we will publish in the CALENDAR.


Below you will find our worship themes for upcoming services. The lighter rows represent morning services, whereas the darker rows represent evening services. Unless otherwise stated, these services are held at 10.30am and 6.30pm respectively.

Date Theme Readings / Additional Info
15th Apr 18 All authority in heaven and earth Mark 16: 9-20
22nd Apr 18 Go then Isaiah 6: 1-13
29th Apr 18 To all peoples everywhere Romans 10: 5-18
29th Apr 18 Evening Service Tearfund Jubilee Walk of Prayer
6th May 18 Make them my disciples 1 Corinthians 3: 1-17 Informal communion at the close of this service.
13th May 18 Baptising and Teaching 2 Timothy 3: 10-17
20th May 18 I will be with you always Matthew 28: 16-20
27th May 18 Service led by Anne Redpath
27th May 18 What on earth is the church doing? Evening Service