Sunday Worship - Third Sunday in Lent

Posted on: March 15, 2020

9.15am: Choir Practice in the Church.

10.15am: Junior Church & Jampact in the Church Centre joining us for the close of worship. 

10.30am: Morning Worship - Isaiah 50:4-11 - Steadfast and Obedient. 

Creche available during the service. Tea, coffee and Traidcraft stall after the service.

4.30pm: Growing Young Consultation 

We are inviting younger members of Kinross Parish Church (under 40’s) together with those who are parents of under 18’s to a consultation in the Church at 4.30pm on Sunday 15th March with the aim of beginning a conversation about the direction of the church locally in the years ahead in terms of worship, activities and groups of different kinds within the congregation. We want to shape this around the needs and hopes of the younger generation and to that end there is absolutely no agenda, just a willingness to listen to your thoughts. If you are not able to be there on that particular afternoon but would like to submit questions, suggestions or comments in advance or afterwards, please contact Alan Reid directly. 

6.30pm: Choir Practice in the Church. 

7.30pm: Crossfire for teenagers at the Church Centre.