Posted on: March 1, 2017

The wonders of modern technology allowed the congregation at Kinross Parish Church on Sunday to see and hear about their food aid to the village of Cape Maclear, Malawi being distributed only days before – and to receive messages of thanks from residents.

The church has a special connection with Cape Maclear as it is the home village of Billy Samanyika, who was a member at Kinross for some years. He now lives again in Malawi with his wife Sarah and their two children. On a visit back to Kinross in 2016 they spoke about the failure of the 2016 harvest because of severe drought. As Malawi was already one of Africa’s poorest countries, the drought was inevitably going to lead to hunger over this winter. 

The church decided to help by sending £1,000 to be spent on buying food when this was required. Food has now run out for many, so last week Billy, Sarah and their children were at Cape Maclear to help the Village Organisation Committee distribute this food to those most in need.

Sending photographs of the day from the beautiful village, which lies on the shores of Lake Malawi, Sarah Samanyika said to Kinross Parish Church: “ Heart-felt thanks for the generous donation. Over 200 families will now have food until they harvest their crops in April. Really, I cannot describe how moving this was. Aid being handed directly to those in need. Truly amazing”.