Posted on: December 3, 2018

Our retiring offerings at the December Communion and Christmas services will this year be for the Sailors' Society (charity number 237778), which is an international Christian charity working in ports around the world to help seafarers and their families, especially in poorer countries. It is long-established, this year being its 200th anniversary.

The Sailors’ Society chaplains help seafarers and their families, from all faiths and none, with welfare and practical support. They visit ships in ports and talk with seafarers, who are away from home for up to a year at a time; they help them get in touch with much-missed loved ones and access medical treatment; and they liaise with frightened families when seafarers are kidnapped by terrorists or imprisoned. On a wider horizon, the Society builds homes and schools and provides grants to bring hope and security to seafaring communities in places such as the Philippines and India.

Why should we care? Almost everything we own or use comes by sea – our cars, our computers, our phones. We all rely on seafarers, who rely on us.

The Sailors’ Society is one of the projects currently adopted by the National Guild and our own Guild as part of their themed strategy of ‘One Journey, Many Roads’. Its work is commended to you by the Kirk Session.

Robin Webster

Prayer: Pray for those seafarers andtheir families in need of aid andsupport. Pray that the Sailors’ Society may be able to meet those needs, as well as to bring better lives to seafaring communities.