Posted on: January 20, 2019

Do you enjoy meeting your friends for a cup of coffee and sharing news? Do you enjoy setting the world to right, discussing events and sharing experiences? Then Sunday’s monthly “Cheese Roll and a Chat” is for you!

Many of us have questions we’d like to ask but not a place to do that - that’s what CR&C seeks to provide. The first group met in May to think of some questions we’d like to talk about and the feedback was encouraging, pinpointing several areas to build on. How do we learn from each other in fellowship? How do we become more authentic in our relationships with each other? What do we do to apply our faith in daily life? How do we love ourselves, so that we can love God and others? The second meeting in June looked at the story of Jonah and explored the theme ‘running from God’. This might seem a list of heavy topics, but by sharing, we discover that we are not the only ones to ask these questions and there is no complete answer, but it’s interesting,thought provoking and even fun, thinking and talking it through.

Now, over to you. There are four more dates scheduled for “Cheese Roll and a Chat” (see below). If possible, let the Church Office know you’re coming for catering purposes.

What are the topics you’d like to discuss? You can let us know by leaving a note in the “Cheese Roll and a Chat” questions jar which is on the Welcome Table, or emailing it to This is a great chance for fellowship and learning, discipleship and sharing. Come along and give it a try!

Evelyn Cairns

Cheese Roll and a Chat meetings will be in the Church after Sunday worship at 12.15pm with an aim to finish for 1.30pm.