ALL FRIENDS TOGETHER: Welcoming Visitors from Immanuel School - Debrecen Hungary.

Posted on: August 15, 2019

Prospects across Scotland, now a Scottish registered charity, held their annual weekend at Tulliallan in May. There was a good representation from our All Friends Together group.

Some were also at Heart and Soul in Edinburgh on 19 May at the Prospects Tent. Anne Sutherland and Lindsay Cant have collected stories from others about their impressions of All Friends Together. The stories have been put into a scrapbook, and it was presented during the service on 19 May at the end of Learning Disabilities Week. It will be on display in the church.

In August, we are having special visitors from Immanuel School, part of the Great Church in Debrecen, who will be with us for our gathering on 15 August.

Some of our leaders, along with other Prospects leaders, and some of our church members, including our minister Alan had a session of Makaton training. Makaton is a simplified version of British Sign Language  (BSL) for use with people who have limited speech. Makaton is especially useful when we get together with other Prospects groups.