Craft Group


"Back in 2007 a notice was tentatively put up inviting folk who enjoyed craft-making to come to a new group whose aim was to produce items for church fundraising events. Looking back on 12 years, they are certainly achieving their aim and so much more.

The group produces a vast array of exquisite handmade items, as any of us who have been to their Craft Sales will attest. Last year the group raised close to £2,000 – a phenomenal amount – the majority going to church funds but also generous donations to the Guild and Poppy Scotland.

But they also use their talent to help causes close to home and across the world: they knitted Christmas Wrap scarf gifts for Perth’s Churches Action for the Homeless; colour-coded bobble hats for premature babies in UK hospitals; jackets for babies whose mothers are receiving treatment for childbirth injury (Freedom from Fistula, Africa); and they are currently knitting hats, balaclavas, neck-warmers, and fingerless mittens for the Sailors’ Society. This charity was the recipient of our church’s Christmas and December retiring offerings, and is also a Guild project. What the members make so lovingly with their hands is a practical response to those in need, bringing warmth and comfort.

Some members of this group also produce the beautiful banners on display in the church, including the new “All are Welcome” banner featured on the magazine cover. So modest, but so talented.

Margaret Clark points out that the group is, importantly, also about fellowship. There is lots of chat and laughter among the dozen or so who meet regularly on Wednesdays 1.30-3pm. “Not all the group are church members – we come together because we enjoy making things.”

( A few comments) “The afternoon flies by!” “Two years ago I was new to Kinross and went along to a Craft Sale and loved what I saw, and everyone was so friendly that I joined the group and have been coming ever since.”

If you are interested in crafts and would like to join us please come along to the Church on a Wednesday at 1.30pm.