On 3 November, we dedicated our Remembrance Day banner, strewn with red poppies. A single purple poppy commemorates the animal victims of war. Earlier in the year we had dedicated our Grow in Christ banner – a beautiful depiction of a tree in leaf, representing strength and grace.

This is the work of the Banner Group, part of the Craft Group: “We share and discuss ideas – perhaps a phrase that Alan has used in a sermon that resonates with us, and we think about how this could be symbolised meaningfully.”

Matching the image with the words requires careful thought: “With the Welcome banner, we chose ‘All are welcome’ because this is Christ’s message” and the banner’s rich colours stand out against the church’s light walls, so it is impactful.

Once the theme is decided, the fabrics are gathered and the work begins, “It is fun and we enjoy what we do”