Long Service Awards - 27th January 2019

A Message of Service

“A very special service” is how Session Clerk, Jaffrey Weir, described morning worship on 27January in which Stuart Neave was ordained as a new elder and he and Alan McGhie were admitted to the Kirk Session. Both are already in leadership roles in the congregation, Stuart as Property Convener and Alan as Treasurer. Stuart said he was “very excited” about his new role as an elder.

The service also included the acknowledgement and celebration of Rev Alan Reid’s 10 years as our minister and Norman White’s 40 years as an elder, all in our kirk and many of them in leadership roles. In addition, a certificate was presented to Lynn Caldwell, leader of our Junior Church, for becoming approved as a Safeguarding trainer for the Presbytery of Perth.

Also celebrated was the amazing service of Rev Clifford Kelly who was ordained over 60 years ago. He gave the congregation a thumbnail sketch of his journey in spreading the Good News, thanked all the support he had received from his wife Johan, his family and all the office bearers and members in his various parishes before leading the congregation in prayer.

Jaffrey Weir said: “These people provide an example to all of us of commitment, service and faith in spreading the Good News of our Lord”.