Welcome to the gallery page. Below is a list of all our photo albums from recent and past events. If you have any photos you'd like to add to one of our albums, or have photos from an event not listed, feel free to email us!

Easter Activities 2019

A variety of services and activites took place on lead up to Easter 2019.



Abaana New Life Choir

The children of Abaana New Life Choir from Uganda performed a joyous concert at Kinross Parish Church on 1 May, filling the evening with their uplifting praise songs and energetic dancing. The audience were very appreciative, and we send our prayerful good wishes to all the choir members as they continue on their UK tour, and we pray for the work of Abaana in helping children reach their potential.

Long Service Awards - 27th January 2019

A Message of Service

“A very special service” is how Session Clerk, Jaffrey Weir, described morning worship on 27January in which Stuart Neave was ordained as a new elder and he and Alan McGhie were admitted to the Kirk Session. Both are already in leadership roles in the congregation, Stuart as Property Convener and Alan as Treasurer. Stuart said he was “very excited” about his new role as an elder.

The service also included the acknowledgement and celebration of Rev Alan Reid’s 10 years as our minister and Norman White’s 40 years as an elder, all in our kirk and many of them in leadership roles. In addition, a certificate was presented to Lynn Caldwell, leader of our Junior Church, for becoming approved as a Safeguarding trainer for the Presbytery of Perth.

Also celebrated was the amazing service of Rev Clifford Kelly who was ordained over 60 years ago. He gave the congregation a thumbnail sketch of his journey in spreading the Good News, thanked all the support he had received from his wife Johan, his family and all the office bearers and members in his various parishes before leading the congregation in prayer.

Jaffrey Weir said: “These people provide an example to all of us of commitment, service and faith in spreading the Good News of our Lord”.

Nativity Service 2018

This year's Nativity Service took place on Sunday 16th December. The Church was filled with celebrations and joy as the children told the story of the birth of Jesus.

Harvest Thanksgiving 2018

A vibrant Harvest Thanksgiving Service took place on Sunday 30th September with a thought provoking sermon, a beautiful christening and the choir sang a beautiful rendition of John Rutter's 'For The Beauty of the Earth'.
The church’s special collections at its Communion and Harvest Thanksgiving Services in September were supplemented by donations at a well-attended and meaningful evening service in the form of a Harvest Supper. A total of £2,023 has been raised and this will be targeted at the charity’s work in Scotland.

Couple Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary

On Sunday 14th October, Joan and Bob Taylor attended worship this morning to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, having been married here in Kinross Parish Church in 1968. Our warm good wishes to them both.

Admin & Comms Gathering

The Administration & Communication Team Committee had a Gathering at Coffee Stop on Saturday 8th September for all those volunteers, and the Office Coordinator, who come under the Admin & Comm umbrella, as a way of saying thank you. Orders of Service, posters, press releases, calendars, Lets bookings, Intimations, website information, Facebook messages and church magazines don’t magically appear – they are the result of everyone’s diligent work which supports the life of the Church. A special presentation was made to Graeme Paterson, who has been doing the Weekly Intimations EVERY WEEK (apart from very short holidays) for 10 years. Thank you, Graeme! Not everyone was able to be there, but it was it was a lovely get-together. And thank you to Coffee Stop for looking after us so well

Family Week 2018

Family Week took place from 30th July-3rd August 2018 for children aged 3 upwards and the theme this year was “Team Builders.”  This is a Scripture Union holiday club programme with songs, music, activities, crafts, games, drama and much, much more. What an amazing success thanks to the great team of volunteers!

1st Kinross Boys’ Brigade & Girls’ Association Awards 2017-2018

Awards were presented to the Anchor Section, Junior Section and Company Section at the Company’s Annual Display and Presentation of Awards held in Kinross Church Centre on Friday 18th May.

This is the 98th year as a BB Company who continue to provide an award structure which caters for all ages and abilities. There are plenty of fun activities, excursions and challenges for all sections and new members or volunteers are always welcome!

Thanks to everyone involved in our local BB, members, former members, staff, parents and friends for their continued support and well done all on your achievements this year!

Spring Garden Tidy

It was a busy Saturday for the Church, with Prayer Breakfast, Prayer Walking, Coffee Stop and Gardening.

Many thanks to all involved!

Our Church Groups

We are blessed to have many wonderful Church Groups within Kinross Parish Church. There is something for everyone....from the Pram Service to The Guild to The Brigade and so much more!

Here are a few pictures of some of the groups

The Beauty of Our Town

The Lord created the heavens - he is the one who is God! He formed and made the earth - he made it firm and lasting. He did not make it a desolate waste, but a place for people to live. It is he who says, "I am the Lord, and there is no other god" ~ Isaiah 45:18 GNT ~