Thank you to everyone who completed a form in Church one Sunday in October 2018, and also to those who provided the same information when they were contacted by volunteers, either by phone or personal visit, mostly during November.

We have been able to contact about 500 of our total roll of nearly 650, and the Kirk Session will now consider how we seek the views of the others.

Nearly 70% said they wanted the present four visits to continue, and this is what will happen for them. In addition, almost 100 people said they did not need or perhaps want, the elder to call either so often or at all, but still wanted the magazine delivered. For those, the elder has been told of your wishes and will probably just have dropped this magazine through your door.

There have been other types of requests, and we will be working on how we can comply with most of them over the next few months. In addition we have begun to update the contact details you gave us on the Church Roll, so it should be easier to make contact with you about Church matters in the future.

Thank you once again for your help in letting us know your wishes regarding elder visits.