GREETINGS FROM THE MANSE 26 APRIL 2020 (with link to Worship Service)

GREETINGS FROM THE MANSE 26 APRIL 2020 (with link to Worship Service)

You will find the link to this morning's service below and you are of course welcome to access that whenever you wish. 

However, one of the things that many of us are missing at the moment is the opportunity to feel part of the fellowship of the Church and so this video will also be streamed live as what is called a 'Watch Party' on the Kinross Parish Church Facebook page at 10.30am.

That gives you the opportunity to watch at the same time as others and to greet others in the congregation and to engage in some type chat (although we would respectfully suggest that we don't chat until after the service).

Also, for those who wish, we are setting up a Zoom meeting which will start after the live broadcast of the service around 11.30 and will allow us to get a cup of coffee and spend time talking to one another.

Please note that you need to download Zoom to your computer, tablet or smartphone and you need to contact us for the log-in details beforehand.

Depending on how these experiments go we may look at having other virtual gatherings to help us stay connected as a congregation at this time. Some groups within the church are already meeting in this way very successfully.

If you are not able to connect using internet technology, please take the time today or during the week to pick up the phone and call someone that you would normally have spoken to at church.

For your prayers, please remember Keith Green who is in hospital following an operation, and others who may be in hospital at this time. We also extend our condolences to Janice Webster whose mother died this week at the age of 98 – the funeral is on Thursday.

Do please get in touch if there is anything you think the church could be doing within the framework of the current restrictions to encourage you in your faith or support you practically.

With all prayerful good wishes,
Rev. A.D. Reid 

Here is the link to the worship service: (please copy and paste this link into your browser


You may wish to subscribe to our YouTube Channel KPCScotland which can be found by doing a search for Kinross Parish Church Scotland. We have a dedicated channel for all of our worship services there.