Philippians 4:13  I have the strength to face all conditions by the power that Christ gives me.

The season is approaching for our young adults to consider the future, question who they are and consider how to have successful lives. University life aims to challenge, provoke thinking and develop character but this can also be a testing time emotionally and spiritually. Learning to live independently outside of the boundaries that were set at home can be challenging and the pressure to make good choices can seem overwhelming. It is easy to lose sight of God when trying to make new friends, spending time in social gatherings, studying into the wee small hours to meet deadlines, and struggling with finances. It is important to rest as well as have fun and to know there is a support network out there to help nurture you throughout your University life.

All universities in Scotland are required to provide care to students and staff, however there is great variation on what is provided and how it is provided. Some universities provide an extensive service, whilst for others the provision comes under the broad umbrella of Student Support Services. It is also the case that while some have purpose built on-site facilities, others utilise the support of local churches and ministers.

Please see our information guide attached for ‘Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care Services in Scottish Universities’.       Click here for the document.

Joshua 1:9  Remember that I have commanded you to be determined and confident! Do not be afraid or discouraged, for I, the Lord your God, am with you wherever you go.

A Prayer for Students

Lord Jesus, we pray that you would fill our students with great enthusiasm for their studies
May you infuse them with fresh inspiration everyday
May each moment be filled with the energy they need for their tasks

Lord Jesus, we pray that our students are filled with hope and courage
That their life would be transformed by revelation from Heaven
That You would inspire their direction, and gently lead them into their destiny

Lord Jesus, we pray for protection of our students
We ask that you would guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus
That you would wrap them up in Your abounding love and keep them from harm

Lord Jesus, we pray for our student’s friends and family
May they know the comfort of Your goodness and love
May they support one another in their new journeys with patience and understanding
Encouraged and uplifted in faith


(Written by a member of the congregation.)